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    Missing notes


    Just wondering about this USB midi thing I bought I think it might be a defect.

    I have a Newlink USB midi convertor with midi out and in ports I plugged an old USB midi keyboard into the midi in port and left the midi out disconnected.

    Whenever I use the keyboard with softsynth programs it misses notes when I press two at once unless I wait a few seconds to press other notes.

    I know there is nothing wrong with the keyboard as it works fine on another computer with a PCI SB live sound card with midi game port input and the keyboard is definatly polyphonic.

    I don't know if anybody on this particular board would be able to help with this but I thought some of you synth geniuses might be able to shed some light on the problem. Could somebody help me with this?



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    hi...i think u have not set it at the correct latency.. the lower the latency..the less delay while playing notes.hope this helps.

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