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    VSTi for Sound effects - any recomendations?

    Hi all,

    Well got myself a keyboard controller (all good fun) but now I am after some VST Instruments (or the like) that can be used for sound effects (like the 'Sounds of nature one that Microscopia pointed out to me yesterday). Any recommendations?



    PS - for the controller I bought an M-Audio Axiom25 - I couldn't believe they were so cheap and picked up some decent headphones - Sennheiser HD280's - less than half the marked price. Makes you wonder why the shops bother spending the time and effort labeling each product with a price tag..

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    6 posts or kvraudio site has lots of free vst effects and instruments.
    Of course if you have a good recorder then you can get your own!

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    Atmosphere, Omnisphere by Spectrasonics and A.I.R. by Samplelogic would be a good beginning I guess smile

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    Hi David

    What to suggest depends a lot on what you are after. There are literaly thousands of free plugins out there.
    Before you start spending a lot of money, I suggest you try the free stuff first and see if it meets your needs. It is easy to search the databases already provided on this thread.
    Here is another one that I use often:

    If you are after FX rather than musical sounds, have a look at xoxos plugins.
    Most of these are physically modelled stuff of one sort or another. There are VSTs there rto simulate thunder, wind, ... Pretty unusual stuff.

    If you are after something specific, post or drop me a PM and I will try to help. Although i am far frmo knowing every free plugin out there...

    I want to believe.
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    little sweet - field of tweakbench or
    big grandiose - xtreme fx of usb wink ...cya


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    After many demos and a healthy selection of software.

    I really really recomend Camel Audio's 'Alchemy', which is now available as a player. It's and excellent sampler and is so easy to get your head around, It's a pleasure to use and perform with.

    Easily second or infact joint 1st would be Native Instruments - 'Absynth 5' Theres no words to describe the sounds that come from Absynth and It's energy is different from anything else on the market, If I had to choose between the 2 it may actually end up as Absynth, but it depends on the kind of energy in your music making,

    That's the only 2 straight up Sampler/Hybrid Synths I can recomend, theres loads of other brilliant bits of kit, I would suggest trying to get hold of a licence for Native Instruments - 'Reaktor' on E-bay I picked a licence up for £80.00 last year, and it provides many many producers and artists with the tools to make individual effect noises, soundscapes and anything else your ears desire, but you can get bogged down in the choice department, and it's somewhat a 'large package' to come to terms with if your fairly new to DSP.

    My Synths Kit.

    Ableton Live 8
    Camel Audio - Alchemy
    Camel Audio - Cameleon 5000
    Native Instruments - Absynth 5
    Lin Plug - Cronox3
    Rod Papen - Albino 3
    Rod Papen - Blue
    Cakewalk - Rapture
    Cakewalk - Z3ta
    EMU - Proteus VX
    Sonic Charge - Synplant.

    Native Instruments - Reaktor 4>5.

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