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    sennheiser asa 1, ac3...thats the difference?

    hello all. could someone please help me? i am upgrading my wireless system to a more versatile one and the new sennheiser g3 is my choice...would have wanted a lectro system but i have to sell my kidneys for those.
    i am using audio technica wireless system but find it old already and have huge problems with regards to drop-outs/ fade. now i saw in b&h an accessory for the g3, the asa 1 and the ac 3 and thought of getting either one to protect me from set distance issues and avoid drop-outs due to range when on location.
    i wouldn't want the same frustrating problems i'm experiencing with my AT systems thats why the need for upgrade is essential.
    my problem is i do not know which one to get among the two which is suited to arresting my problem.
    manufacturer's site also didn't give me enough clarity on this one. maybe some of you gurus have utilized any or both models, would very much appreciate it, thank you...


    edit: i'm sorry i forgot to add links for referrence...thanks in advance
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