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    Best Sounds/Music To Start Making


    Totally new to "FreeSounds" smile

    Just wondering? To start things off? Where should I Start? lol...

    What sorta sounds should I making & writing?...

    I'm a Bass Player / Programmer & do lots Sound Design

    Thanks in advance!!! smile


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    Hello Grant


    We have few rules here relating to sounds uploaded... There are really only 2 rules, as far as contents:
    - only upload sounds that you own the copyright to
    - Don't upload 'produced music', even if it is your own. - A bass jam is fine, bass loops are fine. A full piece made in Ableton Live (bass, drums, synths, maybe vocals) would not be accepted.
    (the reason the reject music is that Freesound is a place for SOUNDS and is quite unique and good at that. There are many websites dedicated to people who want to upload music)
    OK... so that is the stuff you CANNOT upload.

    If you are asking what sounds we would like to have uploaded... Some suggestions...

    A quick search reveals that we have quite a lot of bass loops on Freesound - But I do not think we have that many that are actual played bass. Most are synth generated and programmed in some kind of DAW.
    As a bass player you might want to consider uploading some examples of different bass playing techniques? Maybe the same loop played on different instruments, through different equipment or using different techniques.
    If you do this, good tags and descriptions explaining what is going on would be really nice!

    Loops in general tend to be relatively popular, as many people use them in their music productions.
    Usually we do not get 100 downloads and 50 comments on a sound in 24h... But they do build up over time and after a couple of years you could have some popular sounds with thousands of downloads. - always makes me feel happy that so many people found one of my sounds interesting enough to download and perhaps use in their own creations.

    Sound design is also another area that might interest you. We love crazy stuff!...
    Things like "recorded my kitchen blender, put the sound through a chorus pedal and my bass amp and lots of reverb" will attract the attention of me and other wierdos and earn you some 'sound nerd points' smile

    The community is friendly.
    Record. Experiment. Have fun!

    I want to believe.
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    Thank you for your quick reply!

    Wow!!!.... Awesome advice at tips! I'll be sure to keep that all in mind! smile

    Gives me lots of stuff & Ideas to work from!!! smile

    Thanks again,


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