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    Guide lines for sharing files

    Hi guys!
    I might have missed some info, but are there any guidelines for uploading sounds when it comes to type, samplerate, bitdepth etc? Also how to (or not) prepair recorded sounds using normalizing, mazimizing, limiter, how close to zero etc? Would be nice to have in the faq section maybe.

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    There are no guidlines as to how to record and process your sounds.
    In relation to format, Freesound prefers uncompressed formats, unless the file is really big. Maximum uploadable size is 1Gb, in any format.

    The reason there are no guidelines for recording equipment or technique of for processing, 'cleaning up' the sounds, etc is the following.
    Freesound is used for many things, including uses that the original creators may have not considered... But one of the intended uses of Freesound is to support university research on sound.
    If some student created a program to remove unwanted noise from audio, he could come to Freesound to look for a lot of sounds to test his program. He will be looking for sounds that were 'poorly recorded' and have background noise, hiss, hum, etc.
    The owners of Freesound want those sounds to be available in the database. So, a 'bad' sound could be a 'good' sound for some uses.

    So, are there ANY guidelines?
    YES: tag and describe your sounds as best you can. Ideally, include equipment used, important settings, etc.
    If you have cleaned up, compressed and normalized a recording, just state that.


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