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    Your Advice Requested Please H4

    Hello! smile

    I'm interested in recording all kinds of sounds from shoes walking on gravel, babbling brook, field ambience (crickets & birds), rain (i love the sound of rain), thunder.... water faucet dripping.. airport.... and more...

    I am not interested in recording specific bird sounds lyrics (for example).

    I am considering either the Zoom H4 or the Edirol R09. Which is better as far as low self noise and gain? I plan to use an external microphone.

    Also - I am not sure which microphone to buy - for ambience, I was considering the STF-B-02 (i think that is them) omnidirectional microphones. But those won't be good for water faucet dripping or shoes walking?

    I really hate to buy 2 microphones, but I could consider it.

    What would be a good microphone for rain and then to use for sounds of shoes walking in mud or crumpling paper or who knows what!

    I have a lot of ideas and love nature and appreciate your advice!

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    I just had a really detailed post written out, when I discovered that this is an identical post to one submitted 8 years ago:

    Looking at the OP's profile page, it appears that this is yet another bot submitting random spam and advertising another website.

    Moderators, have at it!

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    Well spotted InspectorJ


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