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    Rubber Duck VSTi

    Someone told me that Rubber Duck was the best 303 imitation out there. I looked for it and found that it was very old. Will that affect it's ability to work on my Windows 10?

    Also, i'd tried downloading it from both and another website, but each time my security program said it contained malware. Does it?


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    If you are using Norton anti-virus products there is a way to report a potential "false positive" so they can check the file themselves. You can also submit the download link, instead of the file.

    Sometimes the anti-virus programs detect a false positive. Especially when this is a warning based on heuristics rather than an exact match to known virus code.

    I am sure other anti-virus programs offer a similar service to check for false-positives. Check the website for the particular anti-virus program you are using.

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