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    using Sound Devices 702 in the field questions

    I just bought a Sound Devices 702 --- delivery should be by or on December 2nd, 2016.
    After using Zoom H4N, and Marantz PMD661 (modified by Oade Brothers) I am moving up due to the wanting and needing the very quiet pre-amps of the Sound Devices. I am a Radio Producer for a Public Radio Station in the U-S , focusing on in the field interviews with scientists. Everything I produce and air, has to have great sound quality from my guests, PLUS, my radio features are very rich in natural sounds.
    To keep the quality of my future projects as high as possible, I plan on using my SD702 at the highest sample rate -- 192Khz -- and 24 khz bit depth. I often use the Beyerdyamic Omni Dynamic ME58 microphone for these ' in the woods ' interviews with great results. I will spend several hours in heavy woods or fields and the Beyerdynamic simply does not have any handling noise!
    That being said, two questions though from those of you who have already been using the SD702.

    (1) To save space on my CF cards on my IN-STUDIO interviews where I am not concerned with recording nature backgrounds, I am considering just recording in MONO on my SD702, BUT, then creating the "stereo" in Post production. Does anybody else do this ??

    (2) Since CF Cards are generally more expensive that SD cards, do you (2-A) SAVE all of your CF Cards to act as a backup? (*Of course in addition to transferring the audio to a larger external hard drive*)
    OR, do you (2-B) due to the price of CF cards, do you simply back up all of your SD702 to an external hard drive , then RE-FORMAT and RE-USE the CF card?

    Many thanks for any input SD702 users can give is greatly appreciated. Can't wait to get the in the field with my SD 702.

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    did you concidered CF-sd Card-converter?

    I use harddisk as backup to save money.

    Ps i use other gear.

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    You'll probably enjoy the 702, routing possibilities are excellent.

    To answer your questions :
    1) When recording a voice in studio, it's usually better to record it in Mono anyway, and then mix it afterwards in your stereo montage.
    With the 702 if you choose "poly files" in the setup, you don't even have to take care of the mono or stereo, if you have one input connected a mono file is created, two input, it's a stereo.

    2) I transfer all my recorded files on an external hard disk, and then reformat the CF card to use it in the recorder, so answer b).
    In terms of sustainability, I don't know if it's a good choice to keep CF cards for ages as a backup.

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    I usually use harddisk as backup to save money

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    Thanks for the feedback... I've never used FireWire
    Before so what kind/brand/ model do
    You use?

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