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    Searching an App for ipad mini 2 / DJApp / Player


    my english is not that good, i hope you understand my question.

    We are a p&p; fantasy gaming group and when we play we use ambientmusic und soundeffects.

    I´m searching für an app for my ipad mini 2, to play a musik playlist und 2 different tracks (Sounds und effects)at the same time and individual controllable. All tracks are on the device (no online/cloud etc).

    Sounds like a DJ-App? Yes, but I found no app, where you can load a Deck with a playlist, that plays one song after another, without loading the next song in it. And most of the DJ-apps are limited to 2 Decks, or cant play Playlists by it self without loading the next track etc.

    Essentially im searchng only a 4-Deck-Player. I do not need the wohl Dj Stuff (BPM...). Only load, play, Volume and the option to play playlists on a deck. When the app beyond that can control the exportsignal (eg. Deck 1 to Headphonejack, Deck 2 to bluetooth, it will be the app I Search.

    Someone a good idea?

    Yours, owl

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