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    Spectral editing tools

    Right now I'm thinking about finally purchasing Izotope RX5.

    But I'm still not sure.

    So I just wanted to ask..

    Are there any other spectral audio editors or tools with similar functionality/ease of use to be aware of?

    Best wishes,

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    T h i s i s a s l o w f o r u m . . .
    I do not have a tool like that. Not as hard ware not at software.
    All I use is Audacity :-/

    New to this! It' true...
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    There is a good VST plugin from Stillwell audio. Allows some spectral editing within your DAW.
    IT is free if you use it with Reaper - was developed especially for Reaper users. You are supposed to donate some money (can't remember how much, but is a fraction of the cost of Isotope RX) if you want to use it with other DAWs.
    Functionality is quite basic, but at least the sound quality is decent (not too many artefacts).

    The problem with cheaper or free tools is that you get what you pay for. Isotope RX is supposed to be top notch. I have never used it, but have seen demos, read reviews, etc.
    Nothing else really comes close. Many of the plugins or standalone programs offering spectral editing that I have seen are really 'curiosity toys', not serious tools that deliver professional sound quality.

    I want to believe.
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    Thanks for the answers.

    The Spectro VST seems really cool, but not quite what I'm looking.

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    Functionality is quite basic, but at least the sound quality is decent

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    Spectral editing tools have been included in Audacity in the last couple of years

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    Thanks Timbre.

    I already checked those out.
    It's really cool that they are included.

    Hope they get developed further.

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