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    My beloved synth... FREE now.
    Happy holidays.

    never mind the botox zagi2
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    I have installed this sometime ago. I can confirm it can produce some very unnusual sounds if (ab)used properly.
    Also a good choice for more normal synth sounds. So you should all definetely grab it.

    I might even post a few samples as encouragement...

    I want to believe.
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    Yes, it's a little gem. I've (ab)used it for years - it's a big favourite of mine. I use it for inspiration whenever I sketch out patches and arps in Massive and FM8.

    Warning: don't ram LP's into the DVD burner slot.
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    Oh yeah! I like this smile It works with Samplitude and I forgot that I'd downloaded fruity loops until now. I have so much to play with now happy happy It's gonna be a good year grin

    releasetheraven . . .

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