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    simple to use and not too bad!

    Hey gals and guys,

    I would like to give a technically challenged person some advice on buying a recorder. I say technically challenged but he also requires sound quality.

    I thought zoom H1, but I'm doubting the quality...

    Any other recommendations?



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    I have no problem at all with the H1 as long is it's applied properly. Make sure a wind screen is in place, and everything should be A-ok. I have used things like baby socks and the Redhead windscreens. It's even got auto gain, which, when also applied properly, in the right situations, makes for push button results. Just my 2 cents.


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    Additionally, the H1 is about as easy as it gets. Push the red button, and you are recording. Push it again, and it's not. It doesn't get any easier than that. I used to have the H4 and Tascam something or other... H1 is my go to for most out of pocket captures these days.

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    Hi Bram,

    In the beginning I used a Zoom H1 (<€90 on intenet). The quality is very acceptable, but because of the plastic housing you here all the handling noise. Mics are good.
    The small buttons are not hat easy to use. You have to remove the battery after recording because he are empty after a few days.

    Maybe the next step is a Sony M10 recorder (<€200). Great mics and yes, technically more bit more difficult to use because of more buttons, but much better machine.

    My advise: Sony M10

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    I like the Zoom H1. I never had another recorder, so perhaps I miss a comparison point. However, did surprise me for sensitivity and recording quality at that price.

    Handling noise is a problem: you will not get good recordings by holding the recorder in your hand close to a soundsource. The acessories kit comes with a useful screw-on handle and a tripod (with I have also used for my camera).
    Also with a useful windshield.

    Just placing the re order on a hard surface is good: a wall, a table, a bench, etc
    If that is not possible and you must hold it, use the handle. At the very least use a piece of cloth or a tissue to avoid direct contact of your hands with the recorder which cases noise.

    If you are outside you need a windshield. As the very slightest breeze will cause wind noise. Walking or moving(even indoors) while holding the recorder is also very likely to cause wind noise.
    So, also for that use the windshield.

    For anything more than slight breeze, you need better protection ('dead cat' type windshield).
    I do not think wind noise is a H1 problem, but as i said i lack comparision with another recorder.

    The H1 also works well external mics, incuding contact mics and pickup coils.

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    I guess taking a look at a H1 recordings on Freesound doesn't really help, if you don't have a comparison recording from the exact same situation made with a recorder you have used yourself.

    What kind of recording devices have you used, which you are content with? If you have used H2, H4n or ATR-25, you can compare them to the H1 in this video:

    Unrelated: I doubt that my H2 will fail anytime soon but if it did, I would probably either get the H1 (EUR 89 2013-12-26) or H2n (EUR 145 2013-12-26):
    * H1 - A firmware update is required or else the battery will drain ( ) however it seems that a "V2" version is now being sold ( for the same price, which probably is just the H1 with the firmware upgrade pre-installed.
    * H1 - I don't like the pull-hold turn-on switch ( )
    * H1 - I don't like having to get even more microSD cards ( )
    * H2n - I like the non-button mic gain control and being able to keep my old SD cards ( )

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    I remember someone sometime ago posted the same sound recorded with different devices for comparison. I think the sound is a clock tic tac and the uploader was klankbeeld, byt I can't be sure.
    From that comparison was possible to hear that some recorders were quieter (meaning less noisy) and some had a better frequency response.

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    i've only had experience with the zoom h4n and since a couple of weeks the zoom h1, but i have to say i'm quite happy that i bought the zoom h1. for a <100 € device it works very good, and i'm happy about the sound quality.

    i've seen some complaints about the handling noise because the casing is plastic, thats nonsense. it's true that handling the device during a recording will give you unwanted noises in your recording, but it's not a specific problem for the h1. i also noticed it with the h4n. if you use a tripod stand you'll definitely wont have any problems, otherwise just don't move (your hand) and you still shouldn't have any problems.

    i quite like that it's plastic since it makes it really lightweight, combined with it's size which is quite small it's really easy to always have it on you

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