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    Comparing EV RE50N vs. Beyerdynamic M58

    I'm a free- lance radio producer specializing in field production of radio pieces
    about nature and people's nature encounters and I'm in the market to upgrade to a new
    microphone and have it narrowed down to 2, which seem to be FANTASTIC at reducing
    handling noise, coping with wind etc...

    (1) Beyerdynamic M58 (which seems to be a bit more expensive)

    (2) ElectroVoice RE50N (from what I read, this is the go-to for professional ENG;
    BUT, I'm concerned about one reviewer who knocked it due to the lack of a "click-clot" in the
    base of this microphone where the shotgun cable plugs into it, is this really a tangible drawback?)

    Any advice would be fantastic.

    Many thanks. Kevin

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