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    Choosing between two USB audio mixer/interfaces

    Ok...I'm looking to buy a cheap little USB audio interface/mixer for recording studio vocals/instruments/etc into a laptop without a mic input, and, during audio post-pro, into my main PC whose built-in sound card isn't of the greatest quality.

    I've narrowed it down to two devices:

    Behringer 302USB (

    Behringer Xenyx Q502USB (

    I like the portability of the 302USB, but it lacks full 48v phantom power, which the Q502 has, and the Q502 also has a built in compressor. However, the Q502 is less portable (it requires a power cable, the 302USB only needs USB) and people say that it tends to heat up (although that is not supposed to be a bug, it just does that).

    All I'm looking for is a good professional opinion to steer me in the direction of the most superior overall product. (If anyone knows of a better alternative to these two within the same price range, that might be good as well.)

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    Try Yamaha Audiogram 3 or Steinberg CI2, they are not expensive but very solid.
    I used both and I was pleased with them. ( both have phantom power.

    never mind the botox zagi2

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