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    Challenging Puzzle Game for iOS

    There is lots of popular title on mobile phone which takes puzzle as the main gameplay lately, for example who don't know angry bird, the most popular mobile games nowadays. Well if you want a different style of games where you accomplish a challenging puzzle together with physic based system like angry bird, perhaps Monster Meltdown is what you're looking for. This game require you to think wisely plus test out your reflect and also timing without a doubt, what's more you also will see a bunch of adorable monster and character. Let's check out what the game provides below

    When you looked at this game, you'll fall in love with the graphic with its straightforward, smooth, gorgeous together with bright color scene. The game tells a story about Russian janitor on the science lab name Yuri, one day all of the monsters within the lab somehow escape and spread around the place. However, this monster won't survive by themselves outside its cage so your job is to get and round up this monster to its safest place. You will carry out in 80 complicated yet enjoyable level with plenty of attractive monster that you must obtain. You won't have any weapon only talent, skill, and your teleporter suit.

    The control is really straightforward, you'll be able to navigate by swiping around the screen and make use of your teleporter skill, but be cautious though because you can't move pass the wall structure, anything that have shadow, not to mention some of hurdle that will kill you and your monster. This hurdle including tricky trap, electricity, plus more, you must save all of the monsters not only from hazardous environment also from their own stupidity because they are going to helplessly go to trap, edge, and naturally kill themself with in whatever way they could think of. This will make your mission pretty much difficult and you have to think carefully and also find a perfect timing where you should go.

    The aim is to guide the monster proceed through a portal, when the monster smack a wall or walk on a object that block their way they will change their direction, much like herding sheep. There is bonus coin to gather in all level, all you need to do is direct the monster to eat it. Once the monster gets to the portal you will get stars according to your score. The better star you have, it's mean you complete the level perfectly. If you'd like to check out this game you are able to get it on itunes for $1.99.

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