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    minidisk recording

    I recently obtained a slightly used minidisk recorder. I've never used one. When I hit the record button, I get sound through my earbuds and the machine indicates its recording, but, when I play back, it says, " blank disk" or "no disk". Does a new disk have to be formatted first? If so, how do I do that?

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    Hi Stevenr109,

    I don't know which MD machine you have, but if you google it's model number + manual you are very likely to find a copy of the user manual to download which will tell you the machines capabilities and exactly how to do what you want.

    I would imagine that the MD would automatically format any blank new disc that was inserted, giving a message that it was doing so. It may be that on your machine pressing "REC" puts it into "record pause" and you need to press another button (REC again or PLAY or PAUSE say, - but not STOP) to actually start the recording.

    Good luck finding an answer,


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    Some earlier units did require a pre-format prior to recording. However, typically one of those devices would indicate such on the screen or an LED if it detected unformatted media.

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