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    [GUIDE] Free Soundcloud User Guide For Newbies And People Struggling To Get Plays And Followers.

    Hey Guys, I have been on the forum for a while now, i am on a few other dj forums too, i have noticed a few people struggle when starting out on soundcloud, so i spent a good part of 5 days putting this guide together, I hope everyone likes it,

    All of the method's used in our guides are 100% spam free, it is all about creating music for a targeted audience and the right promotion at the right time. You will be surprised the mistakes people can make while uploading a track.

    Please be advised it is not very complex this free guide is for newbies to soundcloud and people struggling to grasp it.

    Although there are bits in there for the experienced DJ!

    ~~ ## VIEW GUIDE ## ~~ ... -followers

    That's the link, You can view it on scribd, I was not quite sure how to upload here and if i was allowed,


    If there is anything you are not sure about or think could be improved please feel free to contact me.

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