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    Ahem ... speaking of

    ... speaking of gear tips, I'm an on again/off again sort of a guy. The other night, I decided to audio record some frogs I'd heard out in the country. It had been over a year and a half since I'd used my equipment. I thought I better put in some fresh batteries. Lo and behold, one coppertop had white hair! This was a rare event for a coppertop, I can't remember one failing before this one. It had leaked and split inside my H-4 (or whatever I have) and there was a lot of chemistry going on down in the spring section. I cleaned it out with moistened cue tips and all was well. That's a definitive example of "close call!" Well, when I finished recording, I didn't take my batteries out. I'll record something else one of these days. SO, I didn't learn my lesson. Therefore, I suggest:

    If yer equipment's sitting around with batteries in it and ya aint checked them for a month of Sundays, CHECK THEM NOW!

    sanus_excipio aka Steve Bayer Cincinnati, Ohio

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