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    Game Sound question

    So I have been developing my first game, Grumpy Monkey, for a few months now. I have used sounds from this wonderful site as place holders. But I am excited about the part of the process that I am at now sound recording. I am looking for a digital recorder. I have done quite a bit of research but I just wanted to ask a few questions.

    First, I am leaning towards something cheaper the the H4n that I have been recommended by industry people. I dont think I need the extra features it has for what I am doing and I would like to keep my budget as tight as possible. But if you all strongly suggest that I get it I can try to make that happen. The recorders that have the most of my attention are the Tascam dr-50 and the dr-70mkii (The Zoom H1 seemed to lose at all comparisons with the dr-50.)

    My first question is, is the 40-50 dollar difference worth it for the dr-70mkii? from what I can tell the main difference is that the dr-70 can change mic layout from x/y to a/b. Is this that valuable? I will be recording city street noises so the wide x/y will be useful, and then I will be recording things that are very quite and close to the mic, like quite creeks in the floor and what not, so the a/b will be useful. But is that worth the extra money, or would it be better to just record with the dr-50 and if its not that good up close, buy an external mic for like $40 that plugs into it? would that combo be better the just a dr-70?
    Or should I buy the old H4 cause they are around the same price as the dr-07mkii on ebay?
    Or am I totally wrong here and there is a completely different recorder that I should get. I want to stay around $100 if possible. And I dont mind going used and old as long as the product is good.

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    You wrote "Game Sound question" but it's not too clear how your recorder choice relates to that.

    Perhaps if you tell us what types of sounds you intend to record, in what situations, we'll be able to give better advice.

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