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    How to get this effect?!

    Well, two effects.

    First is the Crysis Nanosuit vocal effect:

    I can not seem to get the right effect down just right.

    And also how would one add the reverberation, delay, echo etc heard in the "announcement" voice at around 11:46-11:51 in this video?;=related

    Please help smile

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    Crysis Nanosuit vocal effect:

    I'd try with an effect similar to the Roboticize VST, check this sound for a reference. It sounds quite different, but tweaking the available parameters you might be able to get closer.

    For general post production effects, you might try Audacity.
    It's an editor that comes with quite a few built-in effects and supports external ones in various formats.


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    I do not know how the creators of this effect implemented it.

    I personally have recreated a very similar effect through a variety of work arounds:

    Drop the pitch of your sample to be an appropriate low-ness and then

    - Add a chorus or flanger effect

    - Add another track, being a duplicate of your original sample, and play it several milliseconds after your original sample plays to give that spaced effect.

    Toy with distortion, echo, and reverb until you find a desirable combination of effects.

    IF you happen to be using GarageBand (or Logic) use/install the Vocal Transformer effect by Apple which is very useful. I'd recommend increasing your bass on the recording, if warranted, as well to give that strong booming effect.

    That's my 2 cents

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    I might also add that on the second track you create completely remove the bass and do not drop the pitch QUITE as much (this will emulate a 'whispered' sound, you'll know what I mean) and space it out several milliseconds like I recommended before. This might give you the correct effect

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    You can get this effect using a type of vocoder that allows you to key in the chord harmony's to be layered under the original source. Stuff like:

    * Native Instruments - The Mouth
    * Image Line - Pitcher
    * Image Line - VocodeX
    * Waves - Morphoder

    Also sounds like they're running either a slight bit crusher or subtle distortion on the vocals too.

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