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    How 2 record VSTs' audio out w/out a soundcard <2min 7ste

    Okay, my comp doesn't have a soundcard, and I've been looking forever to find a freeware that will record my audio output. After a long time searching, I gave up.

    But then I realized that one of my favorite freewares gave me capability to "render to .wav".

    How to do it:

    1. get AnalogBox 2.36 for free: (not advertising! this is for benifit of like-minded people!!!)

    2. open a project

    3. right click anywhere, and select the file icon. There is a module that gives you options to make it a media reader, data sampler, etc... what you want is a wave writer. click that, and select where you want to save the file. and also, remmber to set "write to file when W= positive"

    4. on the "w" input , connect a button, (togggle on/off where TRUE= -1 and FALSE= 0) now right-click anywhere, and select the good one: VST. Then right-click that module, and choose you pick of any unzipped VST instrument you got.

    5. repeat step 4, but now load your favorite VST effect, not instrument.

    6. connect the all the VST instrument's output's to the VST effect's input.

    7. connect VST effect's output to the wave writer input.

    TADA! you just built a VST-based modular synth! Now, clicky the toggle button, and play your VST! clicky the toggle button when your done, then check the spot where you saved your file at, and there it is, everything doing!

    Hope I explained this well, and hope it helps some people...

    grin grin grin grin

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