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    How'd You Do That?

    Aight. Time to spill the beans on your samples. Take a few of your samples you've uploaded and tell us how you made them. What the inspiration was, what tools and techniques you used. Post the url to your sample as well.

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    The only really interesting sound (at least I think so) that I've uploaded is Avalanche:

    I filled up a wheelbarrow with small rocks, and recorded myself dumping them down a hill. Incidentally, the microphone I use is a RadioShack brand microphone worth about $40. I just started using two of them for stereo recording.

    I took the sound and slowed it down to about half the speed. Then I added the original sound above that twice, blending between them to make it longer. Then, as a finishing touch, I added reverb to make it sound like it was in a cave. I used Cakewalk Music Creator Pro24 for the mixing and reverb. I used Audacity to make the half speed and pitch version. Here's the original, so you can compare between it and the Avalanche version.

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