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    NAIVE explosions

    Guys, I'm trying to capture the sounds of seriously big explosions (mortars, controlled detonations, rocket fire ect (dont ask)) onboard on a sony 1080 DVCAM/HDV camera. I have a sennheiser rifle mic and the onboard mikes. Even with the level turned right down the force of the blasts records only as a sqeak. have tried using various jammers etc.
    Any ideas?
    AM thinking of trying to recod a reflection of a wall. The thin is the force of thes things make syour ears pop anyhow and Im concerned Im going to damage my gear.

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    See if you can get some advice from Sonic, he has experience recording loud stuff like gunshots and planes and may be able to help.

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    I bet its the preamps on the camera that are overloading. Try using an inline pad, and if you can, a decent recorder.
    The reason the preamps are still overloading is that the trim on those usually comes *after* the preamp gain. It just dampens the signal that goes to tape since the signal is allready overloading the preamp itself, turning it down just gives you a lower level crack.

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