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    Gunshots and explosions

    hi all

    i am hoping for some tips on how to synthesise some effects from scratch.
    hoping to produce the sounds of bullets whizzing past, and ricochets off metal objects.
    i also need to make a variety of explosions sounds all outside and large lots of scenary and rubble breaking and such.
    any tips on how i could create these sound effeects myself would be much appreciated


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    Get a gun, set up some microphones at a wall. Shoot the gun at the wall while recording. Collect the data. Remaster it by amplifying sounds that are barely heard (Rubble falling) You should have set up 3 different mics at different places so you can get whatever you think sounds good. Of course i do have a gun and a wall and 2 microphones so if you are desperate i can make it for you.

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