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    Playback Cue Software

    I once wrote a blog on this subject, but it is in german (with a dutch accent wink).
    Today I found a new piece of software for the mac and thought it could be interesting for some users in the Freesound Project!

    First this new Software:
    Audio Cart Machine for Mac, easy to use an you are able to add an different AudioUnit Plugin on each of the 20 Carts (Samples). It has a big Pause button, which is not bad for rehearsals and you can set your start and end point. Controlled is every cart by its own defined key or MIDI note.
    Unfortunately all the carts are routed to the same audio output.
    Price: $49 now and $99 later.

    The other Software for Mac from Figure53 is:
    QLab2. We use this in our theatre all the time, it's great for complex shows.
    It's free as basic version, but usefull with all the licenses for $599
    Check it out, too much features, all explained here:
    The possibilties are huge!

    We also still use Ableton Live in the clip view. Some disadvantages and not that many possibilities as in QLab, but it looks really clean.

    Than there are some other systems like: Show Cue System ( Windows, TH-S ( and Eventdriver (;=article&id;=92&Itemid;=70⟨=de).

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