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    New To Sound Recording - How to record bass guitars

    Hi there,

    I would like to contribute to the sound project, I have a couple of instruments worth sampling, and I do have some basic recording gear. However, I don't really know what people would like to be interested in, the best way to record a particular instrument, and techniques such as noise reduction, recording software, and so on. Advice for a beginner really!

    gear :

    Bass guitar - Warwick Thumb BO 5 '98
    Bass guitar - Warwick Corvette $$ 5 '07
    Bass guitar - Ibanez K5
    Bass Guitar - Hohner BBass IV
    Bass amp - Gallien Krueger 400RB IV
    Bass Effect - Sansamp DI
    mixing desk - Yamaha MG 10/2
    Recoding equipment - PC with Audigy line-in, Audacity software.

    So there, I've been using and playing around with some great guitar sounds from this site, I would like to contribute and upload my basses to the site, but in a way that is actually useful smile

    Each instrument has a particular voice, loads of settings, and there are various techniques to record (finger alternance, slap, pop, string mute, slap mute, pop mute, pick, hammer ons, pull offs), and so many ways to play a note, I'm not sure where to start smile

    I am considering getting a noise gate first (some pre-amps on the basses are pretty noisy, especially the ones with Jazz pickups), no EQ-ing (except a tiny bit of the onboard preamps) and a compressor to even the sound a little bit. I don't plan on using the sansamp. The GK is good enough.

    I don't think recording licks and snippets would be useful, so I was planning on recording 3 or 4 2-second repetitions of the same note, frets 0-3-5-7, for each string and each technique (except muting, no point), to get a more organic selection of the sounds.

    Any comments welcome.

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    I use a mini mic 800 from behringer as my bass pre amp and it works very well. Another great piece of equipment to use in conjuction with it is the FCA202 F-Control FireWire Audio Interface (this will let you record with absolutly no bacground noise). this is all you will need to get great results at around Au$200 its amazing.

    As for the recording i would think that recording one hits of each note would come in handy (make sure not to cut the sampe off before the waveform meets back on the centerline)

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