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    microphone is best to record

    What microphone is best to record singing on a computer? I am searching for a microhphone, not too expensive, which can let me record myself singing with a great sound quality. I would like the high notes to not "scratch" or anything. A good studio microphone. What is best, a normal small microphone plug, USB plug? The big fat plug? Do I absolutely need a console for this?
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    I have the Zoom H1. Very good for studio recording. Look youtube on zoom h1 for recordings. $99
    example of streed music of my:

    site of Samson Zoom H1. :

    more info about different mics look at

    take your time to read befor buy...

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    Usually dynamic microphones will give you warm presence of your vocal. Electret mics (almost everything "multimedia", and many portable recorders) - are more "dry". Condenser mics - usually they catch everything, every single dirt in your vocal. How much money do you want to spend on your "quality"? (-; - independent research on sound and consciousness - best sounds for extraordinary inner experiences
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    I would go for one of the nowadays popular cheap condensers with integrated USB. No separate interface needed, just sing directly into your recording software/sequencer.
    Just an example: Other: Samson, T.bone, Behringer, M-audio, SE... From 50 eur all the way up.
    Some large diaphragm mics have a pleasing colouring that is bringing a voice to life. Google for reviews if you want a good mic for a bargain price.
    As ayamahambho said: with a condenser mic you hear every detail. Dynamic mics (Shure, Sennheiser etc) are more forgiving, and can handle a large volume more easily.

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