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    Creating a stadium effect

    Most people who's into dance music has heard Scooter. Now Scooter is sometimes using ways to make one vocal sound like a crowd of over ten thousand persons. So how do you mimic the same effect?

    There is no free way doing this unfortunately, unless if someone makes an impulse of the effect. smile Noted is that I use FL Studio 9.8 to make this effect.

    Starting to build up a crowd by loading in Absynth 5 FX into an effect slot in one of the channels in the mixer.

    It comes with the Aetherizer loaded from start, which is a good move, because we're going to use it. Aetherizer is a granular delay that can create really complicated and dynamic delay effects.

    1. Adjust the predelay to 0.25 seconds.

    2. Adjust the predelay random amount to 100%.

    3. Adjust the delay time to a few seconds

    4. Adjust the transpose random amount to 15%, this gives room for peoples singing off key in the stadium.

    When you got a wide and decent effect then clone it a few times.

    The more you clone the effect the more crowd you get in the stadium.

    To get the effect the space it needs I strongly recommend you to load Guitar Rig, and if you got it, Reflektor.

    1. Start by selecting the large halls category.

    2. Now select a hall that has 8-10 seconds.

    3. Tweak the parameters so you get a good large stadium reverb.

    Finally save the mixer channel as a preset for further use.

    Now it's time to get the voices into the stadium.

    Start by recording 10-20 takes of what you want to have said, each with a slightly different voice. Anger, happiness, loud, weak, normal. Don't let this list be complete, the more takes you add the more will the crowd sound unique. Got a few friends to help you out. The more the better! Go bonanza here. You need to get as creative as you can to get this sounding the way you want it to sound!

    Best regards Johan Brodd

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