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    Further studies for Sound Design

    Good day all you freesound folk, I was wondering about the various implications of my taking a University course in Film Sound Design... as opposed to not.

    Personally, I'm of the belief that I can and will get a great education out of university, but that working in the field and getting experience will help me on a more practical level with experience, working with clients, etc.

    However I'm also looking up some universities, and there seems to be some stuff which I'd be incredibly interested to learn about - theories, working with some greats, the artistry of the craft... all that stuff you know?
    My main problem I suppose is that I'm living in S.E.A, with few opportunities for actually making a living out of Sound Design... though I'm probably going to move to Australia at some point.

    Are there any universities which would give me an actual practical application of all the stuff we love? Meaning - making a living out of Sound Design for Film. So far I've looking at the University of Queensland and Fullsail Florida, they both look pretty good.

    Come to think of it, Sound Design for Games would be cool too....

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    Sound Design for Film and Video games is what i'm doing.

    I live in the US, but There are loads of opportunities out there. (ie, Mythbusters has their film edited [visual and audio] in Australia.)

    If you love something enough, Just do it.

    I currently attend the Art Institute of LA, I've learned so much more than just operating a DAW here. Connections, and real world experience is why you go to school. Some people say its High-school part 2. Which may be true.

    Make friends with everyone. Someone down the road will remember your name, and give you a chance.

    It's happened to me. I know from personal experience. (might even get paid too)

    I suggest do it.

    I do sound for TV FILM AND VIDEOGAMES, lets talk business.
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    Hha. Thanks man. Appreciate the advice. Sounds good. I've started doing more research, The Tech Uni in Queensland's looking pretty good right now...

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