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    Deaf baby hears sound at 8 months for the first time.

    8 Month Old Deaf Baby’s Reaction To Cochlear Implant Being Activated

    "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." Douglas Adams
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    smile a nice moment,thanks.

    .....does this have an on/off switch?

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    Heal the world, make it to a better place,,,,, this is great that the baby can hear afterall smile

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    One of my co-workers son had the cochlear implants several years ago, he was 15 at the time and had a hard time because of the new constant ringing in his ears. after a while he got used to it.
    Yes they do have an off/on switch it done with a magnetic like a pacemaker on/off switch.

    My co-workers son was given a hard time by the deaf community because they view the implant as a cop out to the deaf community. The deaf community, from what I gather from know two families with deaf kids, kind of views those of us who can hear as the ones with a disability.

    I have an other co-worker with a deaf daughter she has chosen not to get an implant, she says it is not needed and she does not want it. She is in her early 20's now.

    It is good they did the implant while the kid is young because the brain has to learn to process the sound and make since of it which is much easier when one is younger.

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