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    ANS synthesizer


    I have read the Wikipedia article and had a listen to the mp3 files on the other link.This is certainly a very interesting synthesis method. Reminds me of another method I read about - will look it up and post a link to it if I can find it.

    Need to read the detail again, but the principle of operation sounds quite similar to what was implemented in "Audiopaint" (Link below - thanks to Bram for the link ! )

    Read the instructions on how to use it, because there is an update to some microsoft system software that you may need to run before it works.
    Basically the program converts an image to sound - it renders the sound and then allows you to save it as a wav file. It is not realtime.
    Each line on the image is converted to an oscilator. Frequencies increase from the bottom of the image to the top, black means off (no sound from taht oscilator), colour and intensity controls intensity and panning (more on the manual).
    Sounds similar to the mp3 files on the link can be created easily using this software.
    Highly recommended !

    Happy sound synthesis !

    I want to believe.

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