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    Trying to create two new sub genres...

    I'm trying to create Bass Metal, and Country Bass...And I want to make a prototype track of each...but I don't know whether I should just use samples, or actually do it from scratch. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    Country Bass?

    Like electronic Dance with a country tint?

    I bet that would have tremendous commercial potential, done right.

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    Hello Beatmaker 1,

    To answer your question....
    I think it depends a lot on what your resources are and what you are trying to accomplish.

    Are Country and Metal music styles you actually play (or even listen to) on a regular basis, or did you just think it would be interesting to mix these styles up with Dance/Bass?
    Nothing wrong with either approach, but you need to understand yourself what you are trying to do to pick the best tools.

    Take Metal as an example (and all the subgenres within), it is characterised by strongly distorted guitars and powerfull acoustic drum beats. In order to keep the Metal 'flavour' you will want to incorporate these elements in your demo track.
    Now, unless you are a drummer or have access to one you will have to use samples for the drums.
    If you decide to use samples, you then need to choose to use individual drum samples and build the beats yourself or use ready made Metal rhythm loops.

    What about the guitar? Even if you play the guitar you need to consider how to apply suitable Heavy Metal distortion. Do you have the hardware to do this? If not, what about software - plenty of distortion and Amp Simulation VST plugins out there. Some of them are free and very good quality.
    For example, check for some great and free VST Amp Simulators.
    Samples are obviously another option - by the way, the November UK edition of Computer Music (CM 145) comes with a DVD containing thousands of copyright free Guitar Samples (with and without distortion), so maybe that would be a good purchase.

    If you are a frequent listenner of Metal and or Coutry you may already have an idea about some streches of music that might work well blended into Dance / Bass.
    Maybe that is where I would start. Try making a mixup of an existing Metal or Country track that you like with the new elements you are trying to combine it with. See how well it works.
    If the original tracks are copyrighted, you will not be able to make these mixes public without the authorization of the copyright holder. But that does not mean you cannot experiment in private.
    If you like what you made, you can always try to replicate it using other means (samples or build from scratch).

    Hope this helps.

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    You could go for that Jesus Built My Hotrod thing with the Johnny Cash choo-choo style brush snare and a monster upright bass with a pimped out slapback Elvis reverb.

    I'd do it myself, if I had the patience.

    la ti do re mi so fa.

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