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    Recordist rates?

    Hi - how much should I expect to pay a recordist for a 3-5 minute vocal recording (eg: a poem recitation)?


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    Whatever you want.

    You could have a charge to begin with per recording, like most producers/engineers...

    Or you could be a reasonable biatch and hear how good the shit is and base it off of that.

    I dont think a three minute acapella recording is worth that much, honestly. $10?

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    Do not under estimate the work volume. At least for pro work. Probably multiple takes will be required to get it right in the recording stage. Recording also means rendering to some finished medium, either on-line or physical (CD, ...), MP3 or audio format. This also means some form of cleaning the recording and some form of mastering. Reasonable rates would be $ 25 setup and $7 per minute of finished audio and $1 to $2 per recording minute. Some recording setup fee might apply.



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