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    What is the best way of recording/editing sounds with unexpected loud noises

    Hey! So I record erotic sounds of me and my wife, but given the nature of the recordings sometimes she will make unexpected loud noises before being almost silent again, which makes things sound a little unbalanced. What is the best application to edit the audio and make it sound less jarring? Thanks!

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    Any compressor should work. This will make quiet sounds louder and loud sounds quieter. For best results, put an equalizer before the compressor. Have the EQ highpass the signal around 60-120hz so that bass sounds won't overtrigger the comp.

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    I think the simplest way is to see it right on the waveform and lower the louder bits by hand. Just by looking you can spot the parts that jump out in any DAW or wav editor. Certainly, as well, compression will also help even it all out.

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