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    DC Stargirl Competition entry sounds

    Hi everyone! Hope you are all safe and well.

    I thought about sharing with you some sounds from a competition I did.

    Spitfire audio hosted a scoring competition recently with Mad Ghost Productions and DC Entertainment. You were tasked to score a scene from the DC's Stargirl and than the shows actual composer Pinar Toprak picked the winner. This was a fun experience and I hope they do one again soon.

    I am not a composer by any means. I am more familiar with sound design and I took that approach to this scene as well.

    If you are interested you may watch my entry here:

    I made all the key elements available separately in the pack over here:

    The string section and the drums from the beginning are available seperately. Some of the sound design is there as well as the entire entry itself. Thought of sharing these if someone finds them useful.

    Take care!

    Ps. A huge shoutout to Spitfire audio. If you are looking for great free vst's take a look at Spitfire audio's Labs. They have LOADS of good stuff for FREE. They release a new Labs I think once a month? Very frequently anyways and most of the time it's really interesting quality stuff. They also have a BBC Orchestral plugin that is available for free after you take a survey. They will send out a key within 14 days. Their youtube channel is also pure gold along with their co-founder's Christian Hensons channel. Lots of great advice and knowledge shared with everyone.

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