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    Sound file requirements for 3D room sound

    Hello folks!

    I am an audio designer and I would like to create sounds for all kinds of game worlds. Can you please give me some tips on what technical requirements you have for sound files to create a realistic 3D room sound?

    Here are my considerations so far:

    While most of the sounds are placed as mono single loops in the 3D environment, I'm not sure what GameDev's requirements are for the background noise of a static room sound to create the best possible 3D result. Is this also only a mono loop or are several signals placed in the room?

    Thanks a lot and stay healthy!

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    I'd say go for several mono files for easier production and more realistic results.

    Imagine that your base ambience loop is made of 2 mixed elements, if you keep the loop too short and there's at least a noticeable feature, the ear will pick it up and feel the loop as fake; a longer loop could help, but file size might be an issue.
    If you make 2 separate element loops of prime lengths (e.g. 5 and 7 seconds) their mix will work like a 35 seconds loop for just 12 seconds of total file size and, say, the beep of element 1 and the boop of element 2 will meet at various times along the 35 seconds span.
    That said, if possible, keep prominent sounds out of the ambience loop and provide them as one shots for the engine to randomize.

    As for easier production, loopability needs zero-points which, in mono files, are absolute zeroes; "not so much" in stereo files.

    Here's a shameless plug that might help with ambience loops:

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