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    Anyone here a paid Beatstars Pro Page Member?

    Beatshine b essed they can target someones accounts followers, I exposed how they really can't.

    They literally cut their monthly cost in half. From 30 to 15.

    I came out with my own promotion software for Beatstars. I'm giving out for free to people, well producers that want. And they get it free forever, I made some money with Beatshine but it's garbage. My software I had made has more features and we havn't dropped it yet, as we need people to use it and suggest what else can we do?

    please respond if interested and you'll get it free for life and I'll give you the discord.

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    Producer / Published Artist - Mostly I use Hydrogen Advanced Drum Software which allows building your own custom layered kits. But I would love to check it out and give you a hand. I am also a certified computer programmer and webmaster.

    Traxis (my original music) is available here: Traxis ~ The Road to Oblivion

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