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    Amateur Music Sites.

    I am really missing icompositions. I was a regular there and since its demise, I have not been able to find anything that compares to it, either in quality or community. Many have flocked to Soundhound, but I think that this is a little too professional for what I want. I am not a great singer and icomp allowed you to collaborate with people all over the world. Additionally, I gained incredible insight and heeded incredible advice given by many on the site.

    Has anyone found anything comparable to iCompositions?

    By the way, I love Freesound, this is a great community and I would like to say thank you to the many musicians who have donated here. Today I needed a horn sound for a funky tribute song to Prince and I found it here. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you all.


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    They are just starting up but U will recommend Loopazon. I never tried (or heard of) iComp.

    Traxis (my original music) is available here: Traxis ~ The Road to Oblivion

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