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    Any plant based food people sounds?


    I am plant based now

    7 months

    All the way

    Still new

    100% plant based

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    Very interesting question, I've been vegan for about 20 years. I have met a few others as well. One in particular is well known for saying something like "I won't eat the animals I record". Let me know if you have any questions about plant based things or recording!

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    Sajmund wrote:
    Any plant based food people sounds?

    Freesound's resident flatulist has you covered ...

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    That is awesome that you have chosen a plant based diet. I respect you and hope you stick with it.

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    Very cool to see more people chosing this path smile

    I'm vegan for 4 years. Although I'm very familiar with it for a long time because I'm straight edge for almost 10 years.
    For those who are into punk hardcore will definitely understand the relationship between. They are linked since the 80's.

    Tim, that's great! Congrats on those 20 years! smile

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    Who cares. I am 7 yrs Vegan but its just ridiculous. If u wanna change the world, then its not by the means of 'consumption'. Just read Marx...

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