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    Survey for my dissertation!

    Hi all, I am collecting data for my dissertation titled "Music and Dementia: Does music increase neurological activity relating to long/short term memories?".

    A year ago I became a carer from a family friend of a man who has dementia, he LOVED music! His mood was always so positive when music was on, unfortunately he fell ill suddenly and was moved into a home where he could receive the care he needed. From my short time caring it has inspired me to delve deeper into this topic and see if there is a clear link between the two. Due to the nature of the topic the survey should only be filled out by persons who have cared/interaction with the person affected by this horrific disease.

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    The repetitive nature of music means it is more deeply ingrained than most memories, so will be one of the last memories to be lost.

    Apparently the musical part of the brain can exist in isolation ...

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    I wish you the absolute best with this Peter, it's a fundamentally important social study.

    Through personal experience with friends and relatives I have reached my own strong opinion that music can open up memories that bring an afflicted person's mind back in touch with a reality, even if it is one from the past. Unfortunately (fortunately??) my evidence is anecdotal and cannot be directly linked to your categories of dementia and so is of no use to your study.

    Warm thoughts,

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