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    Looking for more information about this crashing sound

    Hello, what's up? There's this car crashing/glass shatter that I'm looking for in movies. If anybody has played "Driver: You Are The Wheelman" on either PS1 or the PC Port (which I have), you might know this sound as the car crashing sound the game uses. But, there's MORE I can tell you about the sound. It was actually used in many car chase movies of the 1970s and 1980s. So far, this is ALL the titles I found it in:
    1. The French Connection (1971)
    2. Vanishing Point (1971)
    3. M*A*S*H (1972-1983)
    4. The Poseidon Adventure (1972)
    5. The Last American Hero (1973)
    6. The Seven-Ups (1973)
    7. 99 and 44/100% Dead (1974)(heard in trailer at least, I don't know if it's in the film itself or not)
    8. The Towering Inferno (1974)
    9. Race With The Devil (1975)
    10. The French Connection II (1975)
    11. The Kansas City Massacre (1975)
    12. Cannonball (1976)
    13. Gator (1976)
    14. Silver Streak (1976)
    15. Smokey & the Bandit (1977)(heard in trailer but NOT the final film)
    16. Wizards (1977)
    17. The Driver (197cool
    18. Hooper (197cool
    19. The Hunter (1980)(heard in trailer at least, I don't know if it's in the film itself or not)
    20. Eyewitness (1981)(heard in trailer but NOT the final film)
    21. Impulse (1984)(heard in trailer but NOT in the final film)
    22. The Terminator (1984)(ONLY in the original mono mix)
    23. Commando (1985).
    24. Mischief (1985)
    25. Jumpin' Jack Flash (1986)(heard in trailer but NOT in the final film)
    26. Maximum Overdrive (1986)(heard in trailer at least, I don't know if it's in the film itself or not)
    Out of these 26 titles, 17 of them are 20th Century Fox productions, indicating that they were the ones who created it. 12 of these titles have this sound effects guy who went by the name of Theodore Soderberg (1923-2012), indicating that it was probably his sound. However, Soderberg isn't the ONLY guy I believe was connected to it, as there's probably another: Don J. Bassman, whose name appears in the credits of "The Kansas City Massacre" (1975), in which the sound effect was heard 10 times throughout the film!

    Though it's unclear exactly when this particular crashing sound was originally recorded, the earliest known films that it's heard in (The French Connection and Vanishing Point) were released in 1971. However, what is clear is that all the known early titles it showed up in are 20th Century Fox films, indicating that 20th Century Fox was the only production company that utilized it within the first few years of its existence. It would not be until 1974 that another movie production company besides 20th Century Fox would finally gain access to it. In this case, it was Warner Brothers who partnered up with 20th Century Fox to produce the 1974 Irwin Allen disaster classic, The Towering Inferno. The latest known usage for it was in 2 trailers (Maximum Overdrive and Jumping Jack Flash), both movies being released in 1986, though it's not known exactly when it was last used.

    However, considering that nobody bothers to claim ownership of the sound byte, I simply took it upon myself to not only adopt it for my own sound effects library, but also to go ahead with utilizing it in my OWN movies, including my first full-length film, "Return of the Black Thrasher: The Movie" (2009) (! I even have it as my default notification sound on my Android mobile phone! I swear to God that there's no better car crash sound effect than the sound byte I speak of. Oh, even now, I'm STILL looking for this sound byte in other movies. Though I do have PLENTY of information on the sound, the only way I have of knowing what films/TV Shows it's heard in is simply going from movie to movie and listening for it. Every title I find it in brings me closer to the truth. Also, here's a link to an article on Sound Effects Wiki about the sound: This I took it upon myself to create, since I could never find one.
    NOTE: This is not actually the original sound file from the game itself, but rather part of the game's sound combined with the equivalent from the trailer of "The Seven-Ups" (1973) to better match the original master copy, since the original "Driver" sound file is somewhat truncated. Until anybody is able to come up with a better sounding recording of this particular sound, this is as close to the original master as anyone will ever get. However, to tell you the truth, there's nothing I can tell you about the copyright status of this sound. I'm actually trying to find that out myself. Even with the smallest chances that it is still copyrighted despite not having been utilized in movies in over 3 decades, it's beyond my knowledge. What I said about it being connected to 20th Century Fox is purely my theory; I DID NOT read any of it online! If anybody reading this knows of ANY titles the sound effect is heard in but is NOT on my list here, PLEASE leave it in your response to this post. Anything else you may know about it that I don't is ALSO something I'd love to see in a response.

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