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    What is D-6.Gro you Ask? Well, it's a Russian Horror Mod for Serious Sam: The Second Encounter.

    I'm not going to Spoil much, but it has Freesound Sounds, such as:

    Leady's ALL IN PAIN 2 in EndCutscene00.Ogg
    Rock Savage's and harri's Gore Sounds, and in EndScream00.Ogg
    Heatfuse's 1.Wav as Hum00.Ogg
    and some sort of Horror Horn Hit Sound in EndCutscene00.Ogg, At least that's what it Sounds Like to me.

    Also, You Walk in Long Corridors and Big Caves. Yep.

    Not the Best Horror Game, but certainly not the Worst One.

    Am I a Good Boy or Not?

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