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    Dirty Pick Up Lines

    Dirty Pick Up Lines

    The word of the day is "legs." Let's go back to my place and spread the word.

    A cat falls into the water & the rooster laughs. What's the moral of the story??? A wet pussy

    alway's makes a happy cock.

    I don't know much about pies but DAMN you make my banana cream.

    Where you born on a farm? Cause you sure know how to raise a cock!

    There are 206 bones in the human body... do you want another one?

    If you were a car door, I would slam you all night!

    My love for you is like diarrhea, I just cant hold it in!

    You know what would look good on you? Me!

    If we were stranded in a desert and a snake bit my penis, would you suck the poison out?

    I hope you're not a vegetarian... cuz I want to feed you some meat!

    I may not be Mr. Right, but I'll screw you til he shows up.

    You're like a prize winning fish. I dont know whether to eat you or mount you.


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    May I ask what the purpose is in you posting this to the forum here at Freesound?

    Seems a bit, misplaced...

    I am the thing that goes bump in the night...

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    wtf?! XD

    Mudkipz rule!

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