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    i THINK i'm back

    So I haven't actually put up anything new this year but I'll probably get back to uploading more stuff asap.

    I've just been to London again so there's those sounds to sort out (even better ones this year)
    and plenty of sounds that have just been sitting for ages in my upload sounds area that I just haven't been bothered enough to upload.

    In the meantime try solving my signature because there's practically nothing left to do anymore.


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    I know its been ages but ive been bsuy [busy] with other stuff furthermore ive got new sounds of the london underground to upload and ill try and get those sorted as soon as possible sad

    By the way. I was at Euston Square station at 4:45am a couple of days ago and I heard the most amazing ambience in the station because it was dead. It was almost as if I was inside this giant creature called the London Underground. I could hear what sounded like the organs working within the bowels of the tube system, very creepy.

    Unfortunately I did not have my recorder on me, but I will go back there some time to record it. I have to

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    Well, welcome back!! and good luck and much joy in posting new sounds.

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