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    Short B-movie scene - soundscape suggestions

    Hey everyone,

    First time posting here, so apologies if this is in the wrong place.

    Im currently working on my graduation film as a sound editor, and I'm stuck with a short insert of a scene from a B-movie. The scene revolves around two vey american teenagers, talking in their car the conventional make out point near the lake. As the teens talk, a lake monsters suddenly appears and scares them. The scene is 30 seconds long, relying on the shot-reverse shot of the teens reacting to the alien, to create a comedic effect.

    My audible plan of action for the lake monster is to hear him emerging from the water, walking from the water to hard surface dirt road, and then compiling a few slurps and growls as it is revealed. All of this I'm confident I can find here or foley it in later.

    My problem lies in finding a soundtrack/ambient sound which fits the film, which is based in the 50/60s but filmed in the 70s. It can't be too modern and I can't seem to find the right music online.

    I also want to have slightly over the top 'reveal' sound, to underline the comedic effect of the scene.

    If you have any ideas as to how to approach something like that, they would be much appreciated as I feel like I can't pin point the exact search criteria.


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