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    I watched this film. It's actually really unexpectedly creepy; in exactly the right way. I'm suggesting it has a lot of mystique.

    Great cinematography, love the concept. Generally a very thought-provoking film.

    Reminds me a bit like the Black Mirror series, it has a similar vibe to it, not sure if that's just because it's a British film.

    I also have to comment on the score / sound design which might I add was well executed, the fact that I can hear binaural beating and solfeggio tones throughout important moments really fortifies the narrative, perhaps in a sublime way. It might have been coercion, which makes me feel slightly violated; despite feeling deeply satisfied.

    To be truthful, It took a while to accept the film as something interesting. I suppose because it begins with child actors whom are not as nuanced as I'm used to. Nevertheless, I gradually became engrossed in the narrative and wanted to fulfill the journey...

    I was not dissatisfied in the end.


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