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    An explanation is in demand

    Hi there everyone. I hope things go well for you guys and girls here.

    I know I've been utterly bad at responding to PM's during the last years. This is why:

    I heard in 2013 about an indie movie project in development going by the name of "Hermit: Monster killer", a teenage horror / splatter gore movie. This peeked my interest. I've helped one of the actors with hip hop music for the last 3-4 years. The directors heard my music, and signed me up to produce: Music for a full length feature film! It's scheduled to be released in France during bloody weekend 2016.

    I've spent time practicing to compose movie music should I get the job to write the soundtrack for about 18 months. Studying movie music, watching horror / action movies online, looking up music tutorials on youtube to be prepared. I got the job 2 months ago. In one month I wrote over 4 hours of music for the movie.

    Now I know I haven't been online much here except for locating samples I needed for the film. I've seen that people has written PM's to me. I simply haven't had the luxury to read all email / PM during this time. At any forums I'm a member in. This has consumed my time, and will do so at least another 7 months. You have every right to be mad at me.

    So to all who've written to me asking for permission to use my sounds:

    You have the permissions to use any sound I've uploaded here as long as you credit them to Johan Brodd.

    Best regards Johan Brodd

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