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    What's the name of this sound?

    I want to know the name of the fantastic background music of this link, and whether it can be found in our website.
    Thank you, I appreciate it much.

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    Hello diraniyoussef

    There are two discernible sections to the music. The first is the introduction music, and then the main section, you didn't refer to any specific part of the video.

    I can't give specific examples but I can show you the appropriate path to take, in order to find what you are looking for.

    If you are looking for something similar to the intro music from 0:00 to 0:51, then you might want to use search terms such as: "pad" "soundscape" also the user ERH has a lot of fantastic soundscapes to browse

    If you are referring to the second part of music 0:51 and beyond, this is lengthy orchestral composition which would be difficult to find here, if not impossible. Use search terms such as "orchestra", "orchestral", "classical", "classical-music" and "concerto". check the tags associated with the sounds you find with those search terms to find more search routes.

    If you are indeed looking for the orchestral composition part then I would recommend using other sites dedicated to music to extend your potential of findings, such as:

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