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    Some more unnusual sound sources

    Here's one bit late for the dare, but there ya go.

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    This is very interesting, although the plants are being used as controllers to play the virtual synths on her computer, it is still very interesting and innovative work. Sound results were also excellent.

    I saw not too long ago on tv a device that worked with an app (still at prototype) and turned any object into a musical instrument.
    Have a look

    I want to believe.
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    Nice. But yes, you still have decide/ design the sound the incoming signal is affecting…

    What do we want? A “thing” that generates music? Are we going to like/approve that thing more if we know that it has some connection/input from the nature?
    Music and artificial intelligence? If we let an AI “system” create music. First, I guess we have to give it some input that reflects the programmers/human taste. But when we start the AI-music how long will it take before we pull the plug?

    New to this! It' true...
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    I rarely say this but.. wtf!? That is so... bizarre and kind of cool. I read an article about a midi interface that used brain waves to create sounds, pretty difficult to use apparantly (some of the comments about what could go wrong were pretty funny after all human brain skips around a lot)

    I'm not particularly educated in the science of sound but I find it interesting these ideas of changing one kind of energy into sound energy, whether it came from nature or a mathematical code and computer.

    Personally, although fascinating music that came from the heart will have more appeal wink

    releasetheraven . . .

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