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    A hated and loved man

    Good morning.

    Do yourself a favour and ignore all below.

    Sometimes I wonder, should I go into details and embarrass myself (yet again) or just post the link and go? Then I pause for a smoke and a think and another drink, and this might take many minutes or even hours, combined with bratwurst hot dogs and raw garlic nibbles (some of the sublime privileges of single life which can include: freaky dancing, grimacing, stinking and loving it). I want to say something about why I'm posting this, but I'm not sure what that is or even if it's necessary or relevant. But I really feel I should explain my reasons for posting, so here they are. I don't know why I find myself attracted to people like this, I don't come from or aspire to the same social strata as Mr. Gill. Really I think it's his/their ability to make me laugh, and that's all it boils down to with anyone I'm prepared to listen to more than once. I come from a family of occasional tinned fruit/veg eaters, cheap sausages, chips and beans, so my brains were fried long before I started to drink, but he makes me feel better about that; sausage rolls are okay, don't feel bad. A. A. Gill seems to be hated by many people. And I assume they hate him because of personal insecurities and an inability to laugh at themselves, just my guess. Never mind his opinions of the English and Welsh, or of shooting Baboons, judge yourself. Mind you, I've only learnt about him recently through intelligence squared talks (not being a news paper reader any more), and I'm quite disappointed to hear that he hasn't a scathing word for the Irish (from whence I hail) I would love to hear it. But then, I'm not Irish, I'm just me. That's all and have a great Saturday whatever you do.

    The Sun is shining, hooray. Merry Christmas and a happy new ear.

    Trouble runs, far away, in the night.
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    I had absolutely no idea who this person was until reading this post. Still, at least I’m not the only Englishman who thinks the English are a ‘loutish, lumpen herd’.

    “Vuelven, armada española, ustedes necesita Inglaterra” is my current email signature. I don’t like fish and chips. I like synth-action keyboards better than weighted ones. Sorry, I’m overdue for a brain transplant. NHS waiting lists are a jungle sometimes.

    Give me a place to stand and a knob to tweak and I will create sub bass so loud the earth moves.

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